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Connecting Homeowners to their Homebuilders

Who Are We?

We are a software and photography company that specializes in providing a platform for homeowners to connect with their homebuilders. We provide a platform for homeowners to view their home's progress.

We know your time is valuable and so are your homeowners, being efficient is important. At FtoF we believe that keeping your homeowners informed and engaged is the key to a successful project and doesn't need to be a difficult.

Meet the Team

Rob Lachapelle

Manager and Founder

The guiding force behind the company.

Marc Petitpas

Sales Manager

Solving problems and making things happen.

Bryan Feller

Lead Developer

Bending computers to his will.

Rob Lachapelle

Before Foundations to Follow started, I was working as clean-up on a home builder's construction site. I would often notice homeowners coming onto the site to see what their house looked like only to be escorted off by security before they could step foot inside. After awhile, I thought of how simple it would be if I just started taking photos after the home was cleaned for the homeowners. I teamed up with Bryan shortly after to build something for the new homeowner that allowed them to access information and photos of their home remotely while helping our builders save time and effort answering questions and emails with information readily available on our homeowner portal.

We have grown this idea that helps on the post-sales side and moved to how we can help on the pre-sales side. Our home visualizer will give new homeowners access to make colour selections on the exterior and interior of their new home. We've gone to great lengths to ensure accuracy of materials and created an interface that is easy for sales staff to use. I will always strive to make continued improvement to our offerings and make life easier for our builders. As a team, we are always looking for ways to help our builders with tools that make their team's lives easier and their customers happier.

Marc Petitpas

My name is Marc Petitpas and I have dedicated my professional life to helping others make decisions that will provide joy and success in their lives.

I have spent over 20 years as a leader in companies like Telus, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Fusion Homes, and Dunsire Developments.

I have spent my career focused on sales by delivering excellent customer experience to empower buyers to get what they need to improve their lives and happiness with those purchases.

As an executive at homebuilding companies as VP of Sales and Client Service and ultimately a President, it frustrated me that you could have a more fulfilling experience visualizing and customizing the product you were going to buy when it came to a T-shirt or a mug or a car but not the most important purchase in your life… A home.

It’s why we do what we do; helping homebuilders help their homebuyers choose their product by visualizing all the options before building and then following that build online all the way through construction to after sales service.

It’s time. Homebuyers deserve this experience.

Bryan Feller

User experience is a passion and I use my skills to push it farther and improve it every day.

I have been working in the software industry for over 10 years and have worked on a wide variety of projects. I have worked on projects ranging from small websites to large scale enterprise applications. As someone who has worked on every stage and scope within modern web applications I bring technical expertise and a unique perspective to the team.


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